Skyn, ICELAND, Skin Hangover

Description: “Refresh and hydrate skin with the Arctic Face Mist and the ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion, then de-puff tired eyes with our Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels and Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. Designed for all skin types.

Awards: 2014 Harper’s Bazaar ‘Beauty Hot 100’ Award “Best Morning After Treatment”.


Helps revive and restore overworked, overstressed, depleted skin and eyes.”

I had some Birchbox points burning a hole in my pocket, and I’d been eyeing this set for months, so I finally did the deed and started testing.

First off, if you don’t enjoy the cooling, tingling sensation of products like Burt’s Bee’s original lip balm,

or Nugg’s Revitalizing Face Masks,

you will probably want to pass on the Skyn brand entirely. So far, all of the Skyn products I’ve sampled have produced that menthol iciness. I love the sensation and can’t get enough of it. 

In the dead of winter, I thoroughly enjoy the vibes; in the sticky, melty summer I’d imagine it will be even more soothing.

The eye patches and the eye pen are probably my favorite, followed closely by  the face lotion. As far as anti-aging goes, who knows. I haven’t used these products long enough to have a qualified opinion.

But the moisturizing, refreshing qualities are enough that I give these a 5 star rating and will keep them permanently in my repertoire.

Get Skyn at Birchbox or Amazon.

~Katie  lips

P.S. What are your favorite skin-tingling products?

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